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Writer, journalist and artist Claudia Andrei, originally from Germany, lived and worked in London for several years as a freelancer. Claudia is now based in the Scottish capital Edinburgh, a city she finds particularly inspiring thanks to its magnificent Gothic architecture and rich history. Regarding her journalistic work, Claudia is the London correspondent for MOVIESTAR (click on MOVIESTAR-gazing thumbnail below) and DVD SPECIAL magazine (click on review sample). Furthermore, she writes for various UK publications such as Fortean Times, as well as and She is also involved in her own projects (click thumbnail pics below) and is currently promoting a short film project called 'The Devil Made Them Do It' - an 18th Century highway robbers' story with more than just one twist. Find more info about it on Claudia's 'Upcoming Projects' page below.


Claudia's illustration technique includes traditional collage techniques and digitally manipulated imagery. She studied printing and computer graphics at the London College Of Printing, and her photo collages have been exhibited in galleries throughout England and Ireland. Her traditional skills have been taught to her by her late artist father. Her influences range from cabaret and theatre to rock and pop culture as well as film - especially vintage chillers, 60s and 70s retro movies, and silent movies from the German Expressionist era. Claudia is furthermore interested in 18th Century history and Victorian lowbrow.


Claudia's first photography book, entitled "Transgender Underground - London And The Third Sex", has been published by Glitter/Creation Books. For more information on the book, and to view the other pages on this web site, click on the relevant thumbnail image below.

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