Claudia's Illustrations
and other creative inspirations

Supergrass photo

Photo: M. Goodacre / Handtint: C. Andrei

Claudia's particular fascination for most things Gothic resulted in a special commission for the legendary Hammer Films Ltd, for which the artist designed her own limited edition postcard range. (Check out Hammer Art on

Other work, which features Claudia's distinctive style, includes an illustrated article of mother of punk, Patti Smith, for Mojo magazine as well as tinted photos of UK bands Oasis and Supergrass for VOX. Cover work includes a collage cover of rap artist Tricky for The Wire, and a screen print of music legend Johnny Cash for 'In Dublin' magazine. The artist has also illustrated various book covers for publishing houses Dedalus Ltd, Duckworth and Serpent's Tail.

Cash magazine cover / photo manipulation by Claudia Andrei

Hammer Horror 'The Devil Rides Out'
Collage by Claudia Andrei

Theatre poster:
Photo by Claudia Andrei
Design by Peri Godbolt

Book cover collage by Claudia Andrei

Further creative inspirations:

"Sweeney Todd" Curio Cabinet created by the artist Madame Talbot ( which was used to illustrate Claudia's Sweeney Todd article for MOVIESTAR magazine (click on PDF file for article; click here for translation)


Mr Dickon Edwards, London's literary dandy of the underworld and intellectual muse to Shane McGowan, never fails to cut a suave figure. Check out his superb writing in "The Decadent Handbook" (published by Dedalus Ltd UK), and read more about Dickon on

Photo: C. Andrei

"Pirate Empire" mixed media collage by Claudia Andrei in collaboration with Captain Steven Dapcevich (

And for all ye buccaneers out there, here's Claudia's "Rogues Gallery" CD review, album produced by Captain Jack Sparrow and Gore Verbinski. Click here for the review.

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