MOVIESTAR journalist Claudia Andrei with Zombie hunter extraordinaire, Dougray Scott, at the Caledonian Hotel press conference during the 2017 EIFF. Read attached interview.

MOVIESTAR journalist Claudia Andrei with the mightiest of Highlanders, Clancy Brown, at the Caledonian Hotel press conference during the 2017 EIFF. Read attached interview.

Tea, tattle, time travel, detective work and other interesting topics with charming Scottish actor Nicholas Rowe. Read attached interview.

(Photo: Christopher, tea mearchant of Great Russell Street)

League of Gentlemen's Mark Gatiss, these days also very busy with acting and writing (for example Dr Who and Sherlock) enjoys a relaxed moment for the camera. Interview to follow.

(Photo: Robin Sebastian)

Life is one big lie during an interview with Jeff Simpson, Ben Timlett and Bill Jones for 'A Liar's Autobiography' (about Monty Python's Graham Chapman). Read attached interview.

(Photo: A liar)

With English cult horror film director Norman J. Warren after a screening of The Opium Wars at the BFI. Read attached interview.

(Photo: The mysterious opium queen)

With the charming Barbara Minty-McQueen (widow of screen idol Steve McQueen) at the launch of the 'Steve McQueen - Tribute To The King Of Cool' exhibition at the Poster Art Gallery, London. Read attached review.

(Photo: M. Terrilll)

With 'Carlos The Jackal' (actually, make that very talented and very hot Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez) at the May Fair Hotel during the London Film Festival. Read attached interview.

The Manetti Brothers and Claudia celebrate 'The Arrival Of Wang' at the St Martin's Lane Hotel. Read attached interview.

(Photo: P. Smith)

With the mysterious and enigmatic Nuot Arquint at Film Four Frightfest 2012, after the screening of 'Tulpa'. Read attached interview.

(Photo: Miss Lucy)

With 'Hunky Dory' director Marc Evans at the Quince Room, Mayfair, during the London Film Festival 2011. Read attached interview.

With film maker / photographer Esther Anderson (Bob Marley's former girlfrend and mentor) and co-director Gian Godoy during an interview for 'Marley - The Making Of A Legend' at the BFI.

(Photo: T. Mosley)

Amsterdamned with director Dick Maas in the St Martins Lane Hotel, talking about his new movie 'Sint'.

(Photo: Tom de Mol)

Exploring the grittier shades of 'Red, White and Blue' with director Simon Rumley at the Groucho Club. Read attached interview.

(Photo: G. Day)

Discussing the new documentary about Motörhead's Lemmy with director Greg Olliver (left) and producer Wes Orshoski (right).

(Photo: Motörbabe)

Getting to the bottom of William S. Burroughs - the man within, with writer/director Yony Leyser at the London Film Festival.

(Photo: A Simpson)

With director Erich Weiss during the UK media premiere of 'Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry' at the Curzon Soho (with a lot of Sailor Jerry rum cocktails...). Read attached review / interview.

(Photo: Sailor Girl)

The three graces of Avenue Q: Lucy Slut, Cassidy Janson and moi at the fourth birthday bash of the popular show. Read attached review.

(Photo: J Cooper)

With Swedish/Egyptian director Tarik Saleh (Who Betrayed Che Guevara) during an interview at the May Fair Hotel about his groundbreaking film Metropia.

(Photo: A. Simpson)

Italian pop-rock star Federico Zampaglione discusses his film Shadow at the St Martins Lane Hotel with Claudia.

(Photo: G. Day)

Actress and TV presenter Emily Booth (Doghouse, Blue Review) shares some naughty gossip and a glass of wine with Claudia during the launch of Teasarama at Madame JoJo's.

(Photo: T. Mitchell)

"Young lady, why do you cast Marilyn Manson in your film, but don't play his records...?"

'The Heart is Deceitful above all Things' might be the impressive new film by actress /director Asia Argento - however, MOVIESTAR'S Claudia A. is less than impressed with Asia's DJ skills during the after-party!

(Photo: AntiUtopia)

A slice of Hollywood royalty: Charismatic Danny Huston ('X-Men Origins: Wolverine', 'IvansXTC', 'The Proposition') and MOVIESTAR's Claudia ponder over his thought-provoking new film 'The Kreutzer Sonata' (directed by Bernard Rose) at the Edinburgh Film Festival 08. (Click PDF file to see article, Click here for translation.)

(Photo: J. Hamilton)

New Bond girl Olga Kurylenko and director Eric Barbier reveal dirty deeds during an interview for the excellent French noir thriller 'Le Serpent' during the Edinburgh Film Festival 07

(Photo: C. Andrei)

At the Dorchester Hotel with movie director Joel Schumacher (Falling Down, Phone Booth, The Lost Boys) during a press junket for his screen version of A. Lloyd-Webber's "The Phantom Of The Opera".
(Photo: M. Hirt)

'Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in ...'

Scottish 'Phantom' actor Gerard Butler (Gamer, RocknRolla, 300) with a spellbound Claudia during the MOVIESTAR interview for Schumacher's film
(Photo: M. Hirt)

Oscar nominee Julie Delpy tells Moviestar's Claudia what it's like to spend 'Two Days In Paris' during an interview at the Sheraton Hotel, Edinburgh. Click PDF file to see article extract.

(Photo: B. Pike)

Georgian director Gela Babluani ('13' Tzameti) reveals secrets of 'The Legacy' at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2007

(Photo: A. Kramer)

With British actor Kevin Howarth (Gallowwalker, Summer Scars) after the premiere of his film Burlesque Fairytales outside the Electric Cinema, Notting Hill.
(Photo: M. Cooper)

Actor / Documentary film maker Cecilia Peck (daughter of Gregory Peck) talks to Moviestar's Claudia about her new film 'Dixie Chicks - Shut Up And Sing' at the Sofitel during the London Film Festival. Just so you know, Cecilia is one hell of a smart cookie! Click here to read the interview.
(Photo: S. Noble)

Fearless Claudia chatting to the Prince Of Darkness, Christopher Lee OBE, for a MOVIESTAR article, during the book launch of his biography, by author Jonathan Rigby, at Borders.
(Photo: P. Nicholson)

Ex-Bond girl Caroline Munro (The Spy Who Loved Me) with Claudia during an interview in Paddington Gardens for MOVIESTAR
(Photo: P. Nicholson)

'Who Killed Bambi?'

The late James Aubrey (Lord Of The Flies, Home Before Midnight, Terror, The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle, The Hunger) reveals a secret or two... while Claudia is all ears during the big MOVIESTAR interview (RIP Jimmy). Read attached interview.

(Photo: A. Chynoweth)

Dead By Dawn!

Everyone's favourite Candyman Tony Todd discusses films, films and more films with film journo Claudia at the Edinburgh Filmhouse during the Fantasy Film Festival. Now, that's plenty of films!

(Photo: E. Tsiligaridou)

Talking in a Triangle with director Christopher Smith at the St George Hotel. Read attached interview.

(Photo: W. Taylor)


Another legend, another cult director: John Landis (An American Werewolf in London, Blues Brothers, Michael Jackson's "Thriller") entertains Claudia with tales of werewolves and gravediggers during London's FrightFest '09.

(Photo: A. Jones)

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